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Embracing the Charm of Sandals: Celebrities, Craftsmanship, and Ancient Origins

The Sandal: A Timeless Legacy of Elegance and Comfort from the Mediterranean

Amalfi Coast has always been renowned as sought-after and exclusive seaside destinations, frequented by celebrities and trendsetters. This is evident in the history of the sandal from the Amalfi Coast, a comfortable and elegant summer footwear that has become a coveted fashion accessory for decades, worn by illustrious personalities from around the world. Skilled artisans who have been practicing leatherworking techniques passed down through generations with a touch of creativity and good taste have given birth to these sandals on the Neapolitan Island.

The story of the sandal in Amalfi Coast began over two millennia ago when this type of open footwear with a rigid sole and laces around the ankle was in vogue in several countries along the Mediterranean coasts. The ancient Egyptians and some Berber populations wore them as well. Low and rigid sandals tied around the ankle ensured a good grip, even on sandy and irregular terrain, making movements more comfortable. Thanks to Emperor Tiberius, the use and production of sandals began to spread in Amalfi surroundings. The sovereign frequently withdrew to the island and permanently relocated there when he left political life, wearing these comfortable sandals. Numerous local artisans then began to specialize in the production of footwear of this type that was also worn by the wealthiest women of the empire on important occasions.

From Pompei to the Jet Set: The Story of Amalfi Sandals

Although the origins of Amalfi sandals date back to ancient times, their worldwide fame and popularity among jet set personalities emerged in more recent times, particularly after World War II, when the Amalfi Coast and places overlooking the Gulf of Salerno captured the attention of celebrities and public figures from around the world. The fashion of these traditional sandals was relaunched by the very celebrities who frequented the region, where local artisans had always continued their production.

It is believed that Diana Vreeland, the director of Vogue America, rediscovered and launched these shoes in the 1940s while noticing them in some Pompeii mosaics. Once she went to the Amalfi Coast, she realized that local artisans were still skilled enough to produce them. She recognized their potential in the fashion and style industry, and soon these comfortable shoes became a true glamour accessory, thanks to the talent of these artisans who, as skilled foot stylists, added sophisticated lines and elegant applications made with coral, beads, crystals, and gemstones to their creations.

Over the years, the sandals from the Amalfi Coast have become an iconic fashion accessory, and their admirers include renowned personalities such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, and Clark Gable. These celebrities could rely on the region's shoemakers to obtain personalized and tailor-made quality footwear.

The Amalfi Sandal, Honouring Tradition with Modern Flair

At Amalfi Sandals we are a perfect example of how tradition and modern design can blend seamlessly together. They remain handmade using quality leather and leather goods strictly of Italian origin, in full respect of the Made in Italy philosophy. Overlapping several layers of leather sewn together to create the insole, artisans sometimes insert a metal core to make the shoe sturdier and less prone to sagging, particularly in the central part of the foot. Leather straps are nailed onto the sole, left natural or dyed, and a non-slip rubber coating is applied to the upper part.

While the traditional Amalfi sandal design remains intact, we have introduced various aesthetic applications to make the sandals more versatile and fashionable. These design elements add an extra layer of style to the traditional design, while still honouring the craftsmanship and heritage of Amalfi sandal-making.

This blending of tradition and modern design is what makes Amalfi Sandals stand out. A highly sought-after fashion accessory, valued for their comfort, practicality, and elegance. Whether worn on the cobblestone streets of the Amalfi Coast or the bustling avenues of a modern metropolis, Amalfi Sandals remain a timeless and stylish choice for those who appreciate the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and the sophistication of modern design.

Discovering the Beauty of Capri: From Handmade Sandals to Breathtaking Views

Strolling along the streets of Capri, observing the exquisite handmade sandals on display in the numerous artisan shops, is an experience not to be missed. These Sandals Boutiques are a must-visit for those seeking glamorous products that have been conquering famous and influential personalities from the world of entertainment, fashion, and politics for decades. True celebrities, including Princess Soraya, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Kennedy, have literally set foot in these shops. The exclusive "K model" sandal was even named after Jackie Kennedy.

Exploring the island on a magnificent sunny day is the best way to discover the traditional yet fashionable footwear and to immerse oneself in Amalfi’s breathtaking beauty. Amalfi boasts a scenic and rugged coastline with magnificent caves, including the famous Blue Grotto, with its play of light that colours the water with a surprisingly intense and lively blue. The rocks have been sculpted by nature, creating real works of art, such as the three peaks of the Faraglioni that majestically emerge from the water, one of Capri's most emblematic landscapes. Mount Solaro offers a breathtaking view that spans from the Gulf of Naples to the Gulf of Salerno, and from the top, visitors can take a break at the Hermitage of Cetrella before continuing to the Villa of San Michele, Axel Munthe's museum home. The museum features the many archaeological finds he collected over the years during his long and numerous travels. From the terrace, visitors can overlook an exceptional panorama in which the sea and the sky merge on the horizon.

Visitors, if strolling in Capri, should not miss the picturesque Piazzetta and the exclusive shops on Via delle Camerelle, the street of fashionable shopping. The Augustus Gardens offer a unique perspective of the Faraglioni, while Marina Piccola and the Sirene rock are also worth a visit. To truly appreciate the beauty and culture of Capri, visitors should take their time and savour every moment of this enchanting island.


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